The fourth gathering of our congress organized by Ankara Association of Science and Academicians will be held in Alba Ankara  Hotel. In this gathering, we will discuss the current problems in the field of communication and the developments and values from past to present related to literature. We will address the universality of music, its current status, problems and social perception dimension and many other problems regarding music and we will offer solutions. Other topics to be emphasized cover the status quo in art and performing arts, the problems of art and artists, practices and the point of view of today’s society towards the art and artists and solution offers for the relevant problems. Our congress will last two days and we will come together with the participation of distinguished scientists. We would like to thank the members of science board, executive and regulatory boards standing by our side and supporting us with their contributions in previous gatherings. We wish that our congress will be beneficial on behalf of all scientists, audiences and participants.



Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS