Çağrı Barış KASAP
What is the difference between designing a product and designing a user experience? After all, every product intended for humans has a user and every time a product is used, it delivers an experience. User experience is vital to all kinds of products and services. This presentation is primarily about the user experience of Web sites. On the Web, user experience becomes even more important than it is for other kinds of products. If user experience is such a vital part of any Web site, why is it so often neglected in the development process? If your site consists mainly of what Web pros call content—that is, information—then one of the main goals of your site is to communicate that information as effectively as possible. It has to be presented in a way that helps people absorb it and understand it. A user-centered design process ensures that the compromises do not happen by accident and are results of conscious decisions on the designer’s part. By thinking about the user experience, breaking it down into its component elements, and looking at it from several perspectives, a designer can ensure that you know all the ramifications of his decisions. In this work, I will be presenting the elementary planes of user experience, how a designer can interact with a user-centered perspective and how each plane views products as functionality and information.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Planes of User Experience, Web, User-Centered Design, Web Sites